8 Best Candle Lighter in 2018 Reviews

Find All Best Candle Lighter in 2018 with Reviews:

A Candle Lighter is required when you want to Light a Candle. Whether you are on a trip with your friends or in a birthday party, you can use the Candle Lighter for instant lightening the candles. Latest Candle Lighters are much faster than traditional lighters and fire matches.

With help of a Smart Lighter, you can light Candles, Gas Stove, Cigars, BBQ and much more. The Candle Lighter is windproof and flame-less, so you are safe when it’s in your bag. When you are in forest and want to burn a fire with wood, the Candle Lighter can help to ignite the fire.

What is a Candle Lighter?

A Lightening Device used to ignite fire on a Candle is known as Candle Lighter. You can light normal candles and occasional candles by using your Candle Lighter instead of fire matches.

Types of Candle Lighter

There are various types of Lighters available in market such as Cigarette Lighter, Stove Lighter, Grill Lighter and Candle Lighter. Here we will consider the Candle Lighter which can be divided into two different categories as mentioned below:

  1. Fuel Candle Lighter – This Candle Lighter is powered by Premium Butane Fuel. You need to keep the Fuel Bottle with yourself to Refill (fill up) the Candle Lighter every time it gets empty.
  2. Electric Candle Lighter – This Candle Lighter is powered by Electric Energy. It has a Lithium ion Cell that provides power to light the candle. You need to Recharge it for one to two hours after long time/heavy usage.

What to Consider on Buying a Best Candle Lighter

At the time of Buying a Candle Lighter, you must check its features and reviews carefully. Here we provide the list of information you should consider when you Buy a Candle Lighter.

  • Lighter Brand:

The Brand of Candle Lighter is very first and important thing to consider. Zippo and BIC are the most recognized lighter brands, still you can choose other brands which are also good in performance. However, you should Not buy a Candle Lighter by seeing its brand only, also verify other information of that Candle Lighter.

  • Lighter Type:

This is more important to choose the Type of Candle Lighter than its brand. It completely depends upon your personal choice, because both the Fuel Lighter and Electric Lighter give outstanding performance in lighting the candle. If you need to bring the Candle Lighter at Airport, it is advisable to buy a Electric Candle Lighter.

  • Lighter Packaging:

The Candle Lighter you want to buy should be constructed with high quality metal or heavy material. Because Metal Lighters are rough & tough in regular use and lasts for long time. In case the Candle Lighter falls from your hands, the heavy material packing saves it from breaking down.

  • Lighter Features:

Every Candle Lighter has some common features like it is windproof, water resistant, splashproof, flame dial etc. You should consider all these features & functions at the time of buying a New Candle Lighter. It is important to check that your Candle Lighter has Child Safety Button which prevents it to light up when not in use.

  • Customer Reviews:

When you have gone through all features of a Candle Lighter, you should also read some Customers’ Reviews about the Lighter. Because Customer Reviews are helpful to know the Lighter Quality and Company’s After Sales Service for the same. If most of reviews are positive, you should buy that Candle Lighter.

  • Price & Warranty Details:

The final details you need to consider are Price and Warranty Information of Candle Lighter. Nowadays, most of brands give at least One Year Warranty on a Candle Lighter. In order to get price benefits, you can compare two good branded Candle Lighters with similar features.

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Top 8 Best Candle Lighter

According to our Expert Knowledge and Research, we have shortlisted the 8 Best Candle Lighters as under:



PictureCandle Lighter NamePrice & Buy Now Link
1Best Candle LighterZippo Multipurpose Candle LighterCheck Price at Amazon
2Best Candle LighterSaberlight Extended Arc LighterCheck Price at Amazon
3Ommani Electric Arc Candle LighterCheck Price at Amazon
4BIC Multipurpose LighterCheck Price at Amazon
5Saberlight Flex Plasma Beam LighterCheck Price at Amazon
6Zippo Flex Neck Utility LighterCheck Price at Amazon
7Blusmart USB Electric Arc LighterCheck Price at Amazon
8Homate USB Rechargeable Candle LighterCheck Price at Amazon

All the Candle Lighters given above can be described in detail as follows:

01. Zippo Multipurpose Candle Lighter

Best Candle Lighter

Zippo Multipurpose Candle Lighter is made from one of the most recognized brand. Zippo Lighter is able to light a Candle with Soft Touch Ignition System. It is strong and durable unlike other fancy lighters available in market.

Zippo Multipurpose Candle Lighter has a flexible neck and it works more efficiently with Zippo Premium Butane. You can buy the Zippo Candle Lighter with various options such as Fuel Filled, Unfilled or Unfilled with Butane Canister.

Features of Zippo Multipurpose Candle Lighter

  • It has a Child Safety Button which prevent the Lighter from igniting fire and stay safe in hands of children.
  • It has a Durable Metal Design and Soft Touch Ignition System for instant lighting the candles.
  • It has Adjustable Flame Dial, so you can increase and decrease the Flame of Fire as per your requirement.

Pros and Cons of Zippo Multipurpose Candle Lighter


  • Available in Four Attractive Colors Brushed Chrome, Champagne, Harvest Bronze and Candy Apple Red.
  • Patented Child Resistant Safety Button for Peace of Mind.
  • Durable Metal Construction Lighter for Long Lasting Use.
  • Refillable with Zippo Premium (or any) Butane Fuel.


  • Has a Usage Life of around Two Years Only.
  • Some Users have faced Low Flame Issue.

02. Saberlight Extended Arc Lighter

Best Candle Lighter

With Plasma Arc Technology, Saberlight Extended Arc Lighter is more than just a lighter. You can Recharge the Saberlight Arc Lighter through Micro USB Cable provided by company. It works on Electric Charging, so you don’t need Fuel anymore to keep your lighter alive.

Saberlight Arc Lighter has an Extended Neck, so that you can light the Candle or anything at anywhere and anytime. The Plasma Waves created by Saberlight Lighter are hotter than fire. Saberlight Arc Lighter is flame-less, therefore it is not affected by wind or water.

Features of Saberlight Extended Arc Lighter

  • It uses start wars like plasma wave technology to create a plasma wave which is hotter than fire.
  • It has an Extended Neck, so you can use it as a Perfect Candle Lighter as well as Grill Lighter.
  • It is Windproof and Splashproof, so it can be used under any conditions like rain or shine.

Pros and Cons of Saberlight Extended Arc Lighter


  • It is considered as Amazon’s Choice and it comes with One Year Extended Warranty.
  • The company gives Full Money Back Guarantee, so wither you will love your Saberlight Lighter or your money back.
  • Flame-less, Windproof Fire to light the Candle, Stove and Grill easily.
  • It has a rechargeable lithium ion cell instead of fuel, you can also bring it to airports.


  • It’s Safety is questionable as it lights up by a slight depression on a part of the switch.
  • Some users have Issue of Lighter Not Charging properly.

03. Ommani Electric Arc Candle Lighter

Ommani Electric Arc Candle Lighter is quite safe and environment friendly lighter. It is an electric arc lighter with innovative technology to optimize the durability and performance. Ommani Lighter has a longer handle that keeps your hand safe from burning while lighting a candle.

Ommani Electric Arc Candle Lighter has a Rechargeable Battery same as your Smartphone. You will get Fast Charging of 1.5 hours for 200 times lighting clicks. Ommani Lighter is not at all harmful as it does not have any fuel inside, it is fully powered by electric energy.

Features of Ommani Electric Arc Candle Lighter

  • It has Plasma Arc Technology that makes the lighter moisture proof and ideal for indoor & outdoor use.
  • It has a fast charging function that makes your Lighter ready to light up 200 candles in just 90 minutes.
  • It has a Smart Chip that automatically shut off the flame in 10 seconds and prevents the lighter from overcharging.

Pros and Cons of Ommani Electric Arc Candle Lighter


  • The Wind cannot blow the Lighter as it is flame-less and windproof.
  • One Year Warranty and 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • No Fuel Smell Issue as it is powered by electricity.
  • LED Charging Indicator for Longer Battery Life.
  • Fashionable Design and Sleek Zinc Alloy Body.


  • Some users face the issue Lighter stops working after 35+ days and the Return Policy is of 30 days.

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04. BIC Multipurpose Lighter

BIC Multipurpose Lighter is a reliable and long lasting Candle Lighter. It is child resistant and ideal for long term use on day to day basis. BIC Lighter also has a Long Durable Metal Wand that keeps your hand away safe from fire when you light a candle.

BIC Multipurpose Lighter is a combo of two candle lighters, so you will get two at a very reasonable price. Every BIC Lighter passes through 50 individual quality and safety inspections before the Lighter is put for sale to customers.

Features of BIC Multipurpose Lighter

  • It has a flex wand that helps the Lighter to reach at small places with limited space.
  • With Child Resistant Mechanism, your child is safe from fire when you switch on the safety button.
  • It has a Retractable Hook for Convenient Storage.
  • BIC has an experience of 40+ years in Candle Lighter Manufacturing.

Pros and Cons of BIC Multipurpose Lighter


  • Reliable, Safe and Long Lasting Candle Lighter,
  • Child Resistant provided for Safety purpose.
  • 100% Quality and Safety Check is done before sale.
  • Useful to light up Candles, BBQ, Fire Pits, Campfire etc.


  • Switch is a little hard to light up.
  • The Light Spark is missed sometimes even if you press the switch properly.

05. Saberlight Flex Plasma Beam Lighter

Saberlight Flex Plasma Beam Lighter is a Long and Flexible Candle Lighter. It features a reinforced super extended six inch neck that can be shaped, bent, twisted and angled anyway you want. Saberlight Lighter’s extra long neck can be rotated 360° Degrees which makes it the most versatile lighter in the world.

Saberlight Flex Plasma Beam Lighter uses a premium lithium ion cell good for over thousands of lights and hours of continuous use. The “Power O” ignition ring keep you aware when Saberlight Lighter is in use in light or dark. Saberlight uses Plasma Arc Technology and Not the harmful Butane Fuel.

Features of Saberlight Flex Plasma Beam Lighter

  • It is an Electric Candle Lighter with Plasma Arc Technology through a Rechargeable Battery.
  • It has a convenient safety switch to keep your children safe from the Lighter in home.
  • It provides One Year Warranty and 100% Money Back Guarantee for Customer Satisfaction.

Pros and Cons of Saberlight Flex Plasma Beam Lighter


  • A Versatile Lighter with Six Inch Extra Long Neck with 360° Degrees Rotation.
  • Windproof, Splashproof and Weather Resistant, it can be used in every and all conditions.
  • No harmful chemical/butane fuel used, it is powered by Plasma Arc Technology.
  • It is considered under Amazon’s Choice.


  • The Lighter Tip is made of Plastic.
  • Not good enough in lighting Soy Candles.

06. Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter

Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter is a rough & tough candle lighter for day to day use. It is 12 Inches long from the base to top of neck that makes the candle lighting process faster and easier for everyone. Zippo Flex Lighter is made from heavy metal construction that makes it very stronger than other lighters.

Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter is ideal for any outdoor setting with its wind resistant dual flame technology. Zippo offers two different Flex Neck of 4.8″ Inches and 13″ Inches, choose the Lighter based on your needs. It is simple and easy to use to Light your Grill, Lantern, Tiki Torches, Fire Places and Candles.

Features of Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter

  • With Wind Resistant feature, the Lighter works perfect even in stiff wind.
  • It has a Oversized Hanging Hook and Adjustable Flame Dial.
  • It can be used to ignite Water Heater Pilots.
  • You can Refill the Zippo Flex Lighter yourself in two minutes with Zippo Premium Butane Fuel.

Pros and Cons of Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter


  • Adjustable Flame Dial to Control the Flame of Lighter.
  • Flexible Neck with rotation function to bend it as per your requirement.
  • Durable Metal Construction.
  • Wind Resistant Dual Flame Technology.


  • It takes many Switch Clicking to Light up after a few months use.
  • Not user friendly lighter, some users have to use two hands to light up.

07. Blusmart USB Electric Arc Lighter

Blusmart USB Electric Arc Lighter is an amazing lighter that comes with 10 Seconds Auto Shut Down feature. Blusmart Lighter is Flame-less and Windproof and therefore it’s completely safe for daily indoor use at home and most suitable for camping, travel and BBQ outdoor activities.

Blusmart USB Electric Arc Lighter is Spark-less and Odorless Lighter. Even a Strong Wind cannot blow out the Electric Pulse produced by Blusmart Lighter. It has 280mAh powerful battery that provides 400 times use after every full charge and the battery is rechargeable for more than 1000 times.

Features of Blusmart USB Electric Arc Lighter

  • It has No Odor/Smell of Chemical as it functions through New Plasma Technology.
  • It has a Child Safety Lock that you should switch on when the Lighter is not in use.
  • With 360° Degrees Rotatable Flexible Long Neck Design, Blusmart Lighter can instantly light party candles, fireplaces, incense, gas stove, wood wool, outdoor camping and BBQ.

Pros and Cons of Blusmart USB Electric Arc Lighter


  • It is Windproof, Splashproof, Electric Pulse Lighter with No Flame.
  • No Harmful Butane Fuel is required as it is powered by 280mAh Lithium-Ion Battery.
  • Complete Hand Protection with Long Neck, Handle and Plasma Arc Technology.


  • Some users face issue of Lighter Not Working properly after a few days use.

08. Homate USB Rechargeable Candle Lighter

Homate USB Rechargeable Candle Lighter is a fashionable and durable lighter made to meet all your needs. The Flame-less and Windproof Design of Homate Candle Lighter helps it ignite quickly. In addition, the Lighter is hidden/covered by steel around, so your hands are safe from burning.

Homate Candle Lighter has a Child Resistant Safety Button and Rechargeable Function with USB Cable Charging. With One Time Full Charge, you can light up to 300 times. Furthermore, you do Not require any fluid or gas, because Homate Lighter is an Electronic Arc Lighter.

Features of Homate USB Rechargeable Candle Lighter

  • It is made from premium materials of durable ABS and long neck to reach the deep dish candles easily.
  • It comes with a Handy Hook to hitch on wall or other places.
  • It has Windproof and Flame-less Ignite System that makes it useful in all weather conditions.

Pros and Cons of Homate USB Rechargeable Candle Lighter


  • It comes with a Gift Package and 12 Months Warranty.
  • Easy to Use for Gas Stove, BBQ, Camping Trip Fire and as an Emergency Fire Starter Tool.
  • It’s Long Neck makes it perfect to reach and light the Deep Dish Candles.
  • Electronic Arc Lighter with No Need of Harmful Butane Fuel/Chemical.


  • Sometimes Lighter heats up when Not in Use.
  • Some Users face No Charging Issue.

Final Words:

All the information given above about Top 8 Best Candle Lighters is true as per our best knowledge. The features and specifications provided are correct according to our experts’ research. Kindly verify all features and description carefully at www.Amazon.com before you Buy a Candle Lighter.

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